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Advice for under 25s

Last year young people under the age of 25 sought help from Citizens Advice on nearly 700,000 problems.

Amazingly, eighty per cent of their problems related to just four issues: debt, benefits, housing and employment.

We’ve hand picked the most relevant information from our self-help website and pulled it together into one spot.

youth debt advice If you’re in debt, you need to take action quickly to stop the problem getting any worse. Talking to your creditors and learning how to manage your money better in future are vital. We show you how.

youth benefit advice The benefit system provides financial support if you are unemployed and looking for a job, or are on a low income. Many people find it difficult to work out and claim what they are entitled to. We show you how.

youth employment advice It’s easy to assume that an employer would stick to the law, or that it’s not in your interests to challenge them if they don’t. Every employee has rights they can enforce relating to contracts, disputes and dismissal. We show you how.

youth housing advice If you are living independently there’s a high chance it’s in private rented accommodation. You may be trying to resolve problems with your landlord or housemates, or struggling to find anywhere affordable. We show you how.

About our information

The law varies from country to country. All information accessed via this site applies to England and Wales, and much of it also applies Scotland and Northern Ireland - please check the top of each destination page for clarification.