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Our campaigns

The stories our clients tell us provide a unique insight into the problems faced by people in the UK.

With over two million clients each year this evidence is hard to ignore. We speak up about the policies and services that cause people problems.

You can get involved by supporting our campaigns and helping us change things for the better.

Advice for the future

advice for the future campaign

We need your help to make sure help free advice continues to be available, through a range of channels, to everyone who needs it.

Settled, safe: a renter's right

22,000 people helped with private rented home issues

The private rental sector remains a market in which consumers are woefully under-protected.

Fair play for prepay

Fair play for prepay plug

Prepayment meter users face poor service, lack of innovation and lack of choice. Help us get a better deal from suppliers and join our call for #fairprepay.

Mad about the ad

Have you spotted an ad that’s made you mad? Been tempted by big bold claims only to discover the real story buried deeper in the detail?

Campaign successes

CAB sign

Over the years we have secured many campaign successes on behalf of our clients.

Working with Parliament

Palace of Westminster

We work closely with parliamentarians and assembly members to address the issues that affect our clients.