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Press releases


Press ReleaseDate
Cancellation fees “punishment” for switching broadband suppliers01-08-2014
Energy firms ‘shift responsibility’ for high prices31-07-2014
Energy networks could make double the profit Ofgem outlined today30-07-2014
Three more payday loan adverts banned following Citizens Advice complaint30-07-2014
Employment tribunal costs ‘putting people off’ valid claims27-07-2014
Rise of ‘start-up Britain’ hampered by lack of access to childcare25-07-2014
"Bills are still piling high" as economy improves25-07-2014
Power cut compensation has been ‘too low for too long’24-07-2014
Clock ticking for logbook lenders after Citizen Advice spotlight23-07-2014
Payday loan ad banned following Citizens Advice action23-07-2014

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