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Press releases


Press ReleaseDate
Prepayment meter customers “footing the bill for energy firms’ errors”26-11-2014
More private renters struggling with horror homes26-11-2014
Credit card debt second most common debt problem brought to Citizens Advice25-11-2014
Financial abuse too often “invisible” in abusive relationships25-11-2014
Families uprooted on whims of private landlords23-11-2014
Families need more options to top up energy prepayment meters17-11-2014
Lack of rights leaving private renters powerless17-11-2014
Citizens Advice wins £24m grant to support witnesses in court15-11-2014
Woeful customer service plaguing Scottish Power customers, say Citizens Advice14-11-2014
Sustained wage rises needed as "extremely encouraging" jobs figures published12-11-2014

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