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Press releases


Press ReleaseDate
Citizens Advice sees a 20% hike in TV licence debts25-03-2014
Citizens Advice telephone service takes its millionth call13-03-2014
Citizens Advice urges payday loan customers to complain about unfair treatment 30-07-2013
Citizens Advice warns on zero hours contracts09-07-2013
Citizens Advice warns payday lenders could prey on Universal Credit claimants25-11-2013
Citizens Advice warns problems with Universal Credit cannot “be kicked into the long grass”07-11-2013
Citizens Advice warns that the impact of fresh legal aid cuts will be felt far beyond criminal courts04-06-2013
Citizens Advice warns 'upside down' housing benefit changes are adding stress to families 18-09-2013
Citizens Advice welcomes "positive step" in helping families deal with burden of childcare costs18-03-2014
Citizens Advice welcomes a pledge to repeal the under-occupancy charge20-09-2013

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