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Oil clubs

Oil Clubs are a great way to save money on fuel costs. They help the environment by cutting down the number of tanker journeys on roads and offer support for people struggling with fuel bills.

Check out our brief animation highlighting the benefits and containing some thoughts on how to set up your own.

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Interested? Want to find out more?

Citizens Advice has produced a range of guidance and tips to help communities in setting up and running oil clubs which are also known as oil-syndicates, oil buying groups or oil-cooperatives.

Do you run an oil club?

Take our survey and tell us about your experience, positive and negative, of dealing with heating oil suppliers on behalf of your oil club.

The survey will only take five minutes of your time to complete and is your chance to have your say and play a part in influencing the practices of these companies.

We will use the information you give us to identify common problems oil clubs across the country are experiencing and campaign for change.

Citizens Advice