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Our consumer campaigns

In our role as the publicly-funded voice of consumers, Citizens Advice run campaigns around the issues that concern consumers the most.

Recent consumer campaigns

Need consumer advice?

You can find our consumer advice online.

We also have a Citizens Advice consumer service which provides advice on issues around buying goods or services. This includes being treated unfairly by a trader, receiving a poor service or you may want to switch energy suppliers or cancel a contract. 

Consumer education

This role also means that from 1 April 2013, we became the Government-funded provider of consumer education in Great Britain, taking over the Skilled to go, Doorstep Selling and Know Your Consumer Rights programmes from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

We've preserved the OFT consumer campaigns materials, which are available on request. Please contact for more information.

Consumer policy research

Our consumer policy research covers a wide range of regulated and unregulated markets - allowing us to identify the problems consumers face in particular markets as well as drawing comparisons and lessons about the policies and practices commonly found in a number of markets. Our research allows us to develop practical policy solutions for the problems our clients and the wider population experience in consumer markets.