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How advice helped us


Eddie’s story

My name is Eddie and I am coming up to my seventieth birthday. I recently had my Disability Living Allowance stopped by the DWP due to an error. This cut my housing benefit, council tax benefit and pension savings credit. As a result I was left in arrears with my rent and a notice of eviction. I approached my local Citizens Advice Bureau who guided me through the system and advised me on completing the necessary forms to get my benefit reinstated. I am pleased to say that all my problems have been resolved. I would advise anybody with such forms to fill in to seek advice from Citizens Advice.


Anna’s story

I recently had my first child and ordered a pram accessory from an internet company. When it was delivered there was one item missing. Despite several phone calls four and half months passed and I still did not receive my missing part. I decided then to contact Citizens Advice. They sent me an email explaining how to write a complaint to the company, which I did also using Citizens Advice’s online guide. I waited a few weeks but heard nothing from the company so again I contacted Citizens Advice and was given further advice on how to resolve the issue and what could be done in future to recoup any losses. I used a Citizens Advice template letter giving the company a deadline by which to respond. After sending the letter by recorded delivery we finally received the last part of the order nearly seven months later. Thank you for your help at a point when as a new mum I was feeling quite vulnerable.


Lisa’s story

I worked as a nightclub bouncer until I had a nervous breakdown and couldn’t cope with work. I struggled to make ends meet and me and my son were eventually evicted. Everything went from bad to worse when most of my belongings were destroyed by a leak. We couldn’t do without that furniture so I had no choice but to replace it and get further into debt. I was really desperate. A friend suggested I ask Citizens Advice for help. I made an appointment and the adviser I saw helped me to apply for a debt relief order. I am now debt free and can start to think about the future again.