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What is Advice for the future

advice for the future campaign

Free advice makes society better. It’s really important that people like Citizens Advice are able to continue to offer free advice, through a range of channels, so it’s available to everyone who needs it.

We’re going through a big period of change in the UK. From welfare reform to the payday lending market, the cost of housing to rising energy bills, life is getting increasingly complicated.  

This means it’s even more important that people can access relevant, impartial advice, can get help to make complex decisions and have the confidence and opportunity to act on the issues that concern them.

Advice must be available in different ways to suit different needs.

We believe that advice helps empower people to make decisions and solve problems, and is therefore a critical ingredient to any healthy democracy. Everyone should be able to access the advice they need at the right time, and in the right way for them.

We need…

A strategy for the provision of free advice to help everyone find a way forward:

  • Government recognises people’s need for advice following major changes to policy or service delivery;
  • Local government works with advice services to understand local needs and develop innovative solutions to meet them;
  • Local and national government invest in early intervention and better public services to avoid crisis further downstream.

To harness the power of new technology to reach more and more people, while protecting front line, face to face support for those who need it:

  • Putting clients at the heart of developing telephone and digital services to ensure service design and content truly meet people’s needs.
  • Integrating digital advice with face to face and telephone services to make it easier for everyone to get advice.

To mobilise the community

  • There is great resource within communities to help and support each other, with local networks and mutual support forums, and through empowering clients to give advice to others.
  • 22,000 volunteers power the work of the Citizens Advice service. Their generosity changes lives and has a huge benefit on health, work and happiness.