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Scams awareness month resources

Launching July 2016

Citizens Advice and Trading Standards Services are leading activities throughout the month of July. Scams Awareness Month is all about creating a self-supporting network of confident, alert, consumers. People ready, willing and able to spot scams.

Scams Awareness Month is an important part of the fight-back. It aims to give consumers the skills and confidence to identify scams, share experiences and take action by reporting suspicious activity.

Download Scams Awareness Month resources

Download Scams Awareness Month resources

Download resources to help you participate in scams awareness month.

Order Scams Awareness Month materials

Order Scams Awareness Month resourcesSupport your scams awareness month activities by ordering posters and postcards. 

Consumer education resources

Who is taking part in Scams Awareness Month?

Our map shows the participation of the Citizens Advice service, Trading Standards services and partners in Scams Awareness Month.

Participation in Scams Awareness Month

Find out who is taking part and register your participation in Scams Awareness Month