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Consumer advice trends 2014 to 2015

Annual consumer statistics from the Citizens Advice service in England and Wales

Citizens Advice, the statutory consumer champion, has an unparalleled wealth of information about the problems that consumers have.

In Consumer advice trends 2014/15 [ 0.67 mb] we publish a fuller selection of our data about consumers for the first time, whether they contacted local Citizens Advice, our Consumer service or sought advice from our website.

This new publication reports on advice to the public on consumer issues by Citizens Advice in England and Wales during 2014-15.

In future we intend to publish this data quarterly.

A note about sources

The data used is based on clients who have provided a post code which identifies their country as England or Wales. It excludes clients living in Scotland and anonymous (unknown) clients.

We also include statistics on the whole of the Citizens Advice service in England and Wales in our quarterly publication Advice trends (please note: consumer figures in that report include cases from Consumer Service clients living in Scotland and anonymous citizens and are therefore different from this publication).

The report covers four main areas:

  1. A summary of the key statistics for 2014-15
  2. Focus on three key consumer issues for 2014-15
  3. Detailed stats from the Consumer Service, online and local services
  4. Appendices covering client profiles, client satisfaction and stats tables

Along with the report, you can also find Appendix 3.1 - Consumer issues 2014-15 [Excel 93 kb], and Appendix 3.2 - Energy statistics 2014-15 [Excel 27 kb].