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Press releases

Our press releases highlight issues that are of concern for our clients and our network.

Bailiffs 'must be last resort'

27 August 2015

Citizens Advice has called on councils to use every other option to collect debts before resorting to bailiffs. The charity made the call in response to new figures from National Debtline showing a 16 per cent increase in the use of bailiffs, mostly driven by local authorities collecting council tax arrears.

Childcare inflexibility standing in the way of parents' work

26 August 2015

Citizens Advice has said that childcare provision needs to be simpler and more flexible to help people into work. The charity is responding to a speech today by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan calling on childcare providers and local authorities to begin offering 30 free hours of childcare per week ahead of schedule.

Citizens Advice responds to ESA benefit changes

24 August 2015

Citizens Advice has responded to a speech made by Iain Duncan Smith today announcing plans to reform Employment Support Allowance (ESA). The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions argued that the current system is too 'binary', splitting people into 'fit for work' and 'not fit for work' categories.