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Press releases

Our press releases highlight issues that are of concern for our clients and our network.

Extra Energy records worst ever score in complaints league table

03 June 2016

Extra Energy has delivered the worst performance for its handling of customer complaints, according to Citizens Advice’s latest energy supplier league table which measures how effectively customer complaints are dealt with by energy companies.

Response to National Audit Office report on HMRC

25 May 2016

Citizens Advice has today said that people left waiting on the phone to speak to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are in some cases at risk of getting into debt because of the cost of the call or the wait means they miss tax deadlines.

Scottish Power failed customers

26 April 2016

Today Ofgem, the energy industry regulator, announced the results of its investigations into Scottish Power and found the firm’s billing, complaint resolution and call handling to be inadequate. As a result the energy company will pay out £18 million.

Consumers missing pension scam warning signs, reveals Citizens Advice

30 March 2016

A new report from Citizens Advice, ‘Too good to be true’, reveals a mismatch between people’s confidence in spotting a scam and their ability to do so. Three in four (76%) said they are confident they can identify a pension scam but just 12% were actually able to do so when a scam was presented to them.

Citizens Advice response to Budget 2016

16 March 2016

In its response to the Budget 2016 Citizens Advice highlights how it deals with 287,000 issues around Personal Independent Payments a year and the importance of more investment in frontline money and debt advice services.