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Press releases

Our press releases highlight issues that are of concern for our clients and our network.

Renters at risk in repossessions

06 August 2015

Thousands of tenants in the private rental sector face eviction at short notice when their homes are repossessed, according to Citizens Advice.

Citizens Advice response to summer Budget 2015

08 July 2015

Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice, said: “Whilst this Budget provides help to the low paid those at the sharp end of welfare cuts will really struggle. The growing economy needs to lead to a more secure future for all; whether you are starting out as self employed; a parent trying to balance work with childcare or in someone who works but needs extra support.

Government review must look at tackling all forms of domestic abuse

07 July 2015

Citizens Advice has today called for the Government to make sure its review to tackle domestic violence helps victims of all types of abuse. The national charity has also welcomed extra funding to support victims, after the Chancellor announced that he will commit a further £3.2m in tomorrow’s Budget toward refuges.

Momentum in tackling domestic abuse must be maintained

25 June 2015

Citizens Advice has today said that guidance to help people identify domestic abuse and support victims must be made more widely available to maintain welcome progress in criminal prosecutions. The Crown Prosecution Service has revealed that a record 107,000 of people have been prosecuted for violence against women and girls offences.