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Scams materials

Scams Awareness Month 2018

scam awareness month

Materials this year are designed as discussion tools in order to get people talking about some of the topics covered in Scams Awareness Month 2018. Topics are

Getting online [ 57 kb]

Looking for employment [ 71 kb]

Pensions [ 58 kb]

SAM campaigns materials can be found here

Scams Awareness Month 2017                      

play your part act on scams
The training packs contain activities to deliver with community groups, small service user groups, neighbourhood watch, housing associations, local Citizens Advice, colleges etc and are designed to be used as a whole workshop/ course or can be used as individual activities depending on the time and resources available to the facilitator. There are a range of activities to raise awareness of scams and to develop the skills and confidence to deal with them.

Campaigns materials can be found here

The materials

Employment Scams - Young People

The resources here have been produced in partnership with SAFERjobs with key messaging from Citizens Advice Scams Awareness campaign.  Whilst the resources can be used for any age group looking for work, we would encourage teachers/ tutors and anyone else engaging in education of young people to use these to raise awareness of employment scams and how to report them [ 0.56 mb].

How scammers operate

Tricks of the trade [Word 1.2 mb] - activity based on a video, to develop vocabulary about scams, the characteristics  of scammers and practice saying no to a scammer. Includes storyboard and scammer prompt cards.

Scammers tricks of the trade videos [ZIP 29 mb] - videos for use with the Tricks of the trade activity, about the tactics used by scammers.