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Financial capability other resources

Other useful financial capability resources created for our projects and produced by other organisations.

Includes leaflets for advisers explaining who needs a TV License and how much it costs, and leaflets available in 26 different languages.

These two resources have been produced by HMRC, and are useful for explaining the Help to Save scheme to our clients. They include posters, as well as contact details for the HMRC team that can offer further help.

Includes five 90 minute session plans and supporting materials, introduces learners to the process of applying for credit and the role of credit reference agencies. The resource is designed both for educators working with adults as well as younger learners as they approach the age of 18.

The toolkit is a combination of guidance, exercises and activities that can be carried out with individuals or groups of people with a learning disability. The idea is that you can use the resource and adapt it to meet the specific needs of the people who you are working with.

A beginners guide to using the internet and getting online, and a course leader’s guide to running hands-on computer and internet sessions for beginners.

Guide to IT services and software available for people with a hearing impairment.

Activities and information to help teachers, volunteers, youth workers and other practitioners, who work with young people, to put together and run successful sessions on money management.

Self help guide giving young people some of the tools and information they need to begin managing their money. 

Resources for financial capability work with lone parents, covering attitudes to money, wants or needs, budgeting, saving, prioritising, making money go further and child maintenance. 

Leaflet providing information about water meters for household customers.

One-to-one resources produced as part of our social housing research project in 2012.

A guide to ID for banking, benefits and other services. For anyone who needs information and help about ID or to help others with ID.

These materials have been produced by the Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit (WIMLU) for use with pupils aged 5-11. The activities are designed to build children’s knowledge and understanding of handling money, making choices and paying for the things we need and want.

These materials have been produced by the Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit (WIMLU) for use with students aged 11-19. They aim to ensure that young people fully understand about the dangers of using illegal money lenders.

Practical guidelines developed by Youth Access for making advice services young person-friendly.

DYP has a range of resources aimed at young people, several of which have been developed with MAS and the Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) to focus specifically on illegal money lending practises. A Welsh-language version of their toolkit can be found here [ 5.9 mb].