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Citizens Advice Cymru - Wales policy research

Citizens Advice regularly publishes policy research on issues affecting clients of our service. We use this evidence to campaign for changes in policies and services.

This policy research is from Citizens Advice Cymru on issues particularly relating to Wales.

On the brink | Ar y Dibyn

21 November 2023

Citizens Advice Cymru’s latest briefing, ‘On the brink’, shows how private renters in Wales remain at the sharp end of the cost-of-living crisis. Briff diweddaraf Cyngor ar Bopeth Cymru, ‘Ar y dibyn’, yn dangos sut mae rhentwyr preifat yng Nghymru ymhlith y rhai sy’n dioddef gwaethaf yn yr argyfwng costau byw.

Mental Health & Covid-19 in Wales

29 March 2021

The coronavirus pandemic is driving a worrying rise in poor mental health. Whilst the impact has been widespread, some of the worst impacts are being felt by people who are in precarious situations or facing economic instability.

Protecting renters in Wales from eviction during Covid-19

30 June 2020

Around 180,000 households in Wales live in the private rented sector. These families have been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 crisis. Whilst people in all tenures have seen their employment and income negatively affected, renters are more likely to have been furloughed or lost a job. Renters are also least able to weather these economic shocks. A quarter (25%) of private sector renters have no savings at all.

The Potential Impact of Coronavirus on Council Tax Arrears / Effaith bosibl Coronafirws ar Ôl-ddyledion Treth Gyngor

09 April 2020

Whilst the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK has recently forced many households into financial hardship, the crisis is also exacerbating existing financial difficulties for people in Wales. Er bod yr achosion o coronafirws yn y DU wedi gorfodi llawer o aelwydydd i galedi ariannol yn ddiweddar, mae'r argyfwng hefyd yn gwaethygu'r anawsterau ariannol presennol i bobl yng Nghymru.

Helping Wales through the Covid-19 pandemic

17 March 2020

Citizens Advice Cymru's briefing on potential measures the Welsh Government could take to protect the most vulnerable families in Wales in the face of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic