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Why is this advert not fit for purpose?

17 June 2015
The advert below is a fake that we created from real adverts that we saw during our research into recruitment advertising.  Each individual sentence is real and has come from a genuine advert.
We let our employment expert, Emma, take a red pen to it and give us her feedback.  Now it's your turn.

What is wrong with this ad?




  1. The advert says full time and then says it may vary.  Anything over 48 hours would be a breach of Working Time Regulations  (unless you opt out).  However, you know that you are an employee with guaranteed 16 hours).

  2. What is an early start and a late finish?

  3. NMW means National Minimum Wage, but not everyone knows how much that is and it varies over time and depending on your age.

  4. "Mature" -  This is age discrimination and cannot be included in an advert.

  5. "Start bonus" unclear process, likely to result in error (and non-payment), appears to read like a scam!  Would be surprised if get paid “start bonus”.

  6. "Current Photograph" - Discrimination claim waiting to happen, (un) conscious bias against: - women, race, age, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, gender reassignment, religion and belief.