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Debt and money policy research

Doorway to Debt

19 March 2018

Our new research shows that extending the same rules that cover payday loans to doorstep lending could help prevent customers getting into problem debt.

Walking on Thin Ice: The cost of financial insecurity

22 February 2018

New research shows that people's finances are increasingly vulnerable to changes in income and unexpected expenses. We're calling for new measures to help people build greater financial stability.

Breathing Space Consultation Response

23 February 2018

We recently responded to the Treasury’s Call for Evidence on the introduction of a breathing space and statutory debt management plans for people in debt.

Universal Credit and debt

11 September 2017

Our evidence shows that the roll out of universal credit has an adverse impact on debt problems. DWP should pause roll out to fix the problems we have identified. Our analysis shows Universal Credit is pushing people further into debt. The Government needs to pause Universal Credit roll-out and fix the problems now.

Stuck in Debt

30 August 2017

2.9 million households are in problem debt and half of them are still stuck a year later. Why do people get stuck in problem debt and how can we help them out of it?