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Debt and money policy research

A debt effect?

08 August 2016

Unmanageable debt has an impact on people’s lives beyond financial strain. It is closely related to poor mental health and can affect people’s attitudes, outlook, and behaviour.

Addressing financial abuse

25 April 2016

This report sets out how creditors and advice agencies can best support victims of financial abuse

Payday loans: an improved market?

21 April 2016

Tighter firm regulation is driving up lending standards, causing firms to adapt or leave, resulting in fewer issues for payday loan customers.

The four advice gaps

14 October 2015

Exploring the different gaps in provision of and access to free and paid money advice

Cutting our losses

23 February 2015

The introduction of debt relief orders (DROs) in 2009 increased the number of people in England and Wales able to afford access to formal relief from unmanageable debts. DROs are much cheaper than bankruptcy and enable people on the lowest incomes and with no assets to get their debts written off if they meet strict criteria.

Evidence on logbook lending

10 February 2015

Logbook loans are a high cost form of lending which are still governed by archaic Victorian laws. They involve a consumer offering an item of their personal property (usually a car) as security for a loan they have taken.