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Debt and money policy research

Citizens Advice regularly publishes policy research on issues affecting clients of our service. We use this evidence to campaign for changes in policies and services.

Debt and money problems have increased dramatically in recent years with debt being our second largest enquiry area. Issues covered include consumer credit, debt collection, personal insolvency and debt enforcement including bailiffs.

Evidence on logbook lending

10 February 2015

Logbook loans are a high cost form of lending which are still governed by archaic Victorian laws. They involve a consumer offering an item of their personal property (usually a car) as security for a loan they have taken.

A credit to the nation

08 November 2012

Citizens Advice report on making consumer credit regulation work for vulnerable consumers in the UK.

How to do the right thing

12 October 2011

Examples of good practice that help consumers address and overcome periods of financial difficulty.

Double disadvantage

29 June 2011

The barriers and business practices making debt a problem for disabled people.

Cashing in

03 March 2011

CAB evidence on cold calling for credit and up front fees charged by loan finder firms.

Do the right thing

24 February 2010

Advisers' and creditors' experience of best practice in debt collection

Turning the tide?

15 December 2009

Combined report by Citizens Advice, Shelter and AdviceUK on: evaluate the effectiveness of the pre-action protocol at court understand more about which borrowers are being taken to court, and why overall, establish any circumstances in which current measures are not working to avoid repossessions.

Out of order

24 June 2009

CAB evidence on the use of charging orders and orders for sale in debt collection

A life in debt

26 February 2009

The profile of CAB debt clients in 2008

With a little help from my friends

04 November 2008

With a little help from my friends - how advisers, creditors and debt collectors can work together to help people in debt negotiate repayments themselves

This is child poverty

24 September 2008

Citizens Advice report on the experiences of parents struggling to make ends meet.

Set up to fail

12 December 2007

CAB clients' experience of mortgage and secured loan arrears.

Deeper in Debt

23 May 2006

Citizens Advice evidence briefing on the profile of CAB debt clients.