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Health and care policy research

Citizens Advice regularly publishes policy research on issues affecting clients of our service. We use this evidence to campaign for changes in policies and services.

Local Citizens Advice see health and social care issues with many relating to disability and sickness benefits. Many local Citizens Advice run outreach services in health centres, GP surgeries and hospitals and run specialist mental health services.

Registering frustration

03 June 2015

Can a simpler, clearer GP registration process reduce demand on health services - and improve the patient experience?

Why health spending should fund advice

27 February 2015

Timely provision of effective advice can have a positive impact upon health and this can mean savings for CCGs and local authorities. This is especially so in relation to mental health issues, which are the largest single cause of disability in the UK, contributing almost a quarter (23 per cent) of the overall burden of disease.1

Gaps to fill

28 March 2007

CAB evidence briefing on first year of the NHS dentistry reforms.

What the doctor ordered

02 March 2006

What the doctor ordered? CAB evidence on medical assessments for incapacity and disability benefits.

Unhealthy charges

01 April 2001

A fundamental contradiction at the heart of the National Health Service is the existence of charges for essential items such as prescriptions, dental and optical treatment.