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Welfare policy research

Citizens Advice regularly publishes policy research on issues affecting clients of our service. We use this evidence to campaign for changes in policies and services.

Welfare benefits is the second largest problem area for our local Citizens Advice. Clients seek assistance with establishing eligibility, making benefit claims, chasing applications and appealing against decisions.

Responsive welfare

28 January 2015

There are debates and opinions about the right approach to welfare reform. But we see more of the successes, failures and human impacts of the welfare system than any other organisation.

Rebalancing universal credit: making it work for everyone

05 January 2015

Our analysis of the financial impact of universal credit on different groups of people. It focuses particularly on low income parents and disabled people as our analysis indicates that these groups are the most likely to struggle to make work pay.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Assessment First Independent Review – Citizens Advice response

12 September 2014

Citizens Advice supports action to enable and empower disabled people to lead independent and active lives. It is therefore vital to identify and meet needs arising from the effects of health conditions, impairments and disabilities. This is why we support the underlying policy rationale – based on the ‘social model of disability’ – for moving from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to PIP; namely that help toward extra costs because of a long term ill-health condition or disability should be based on how a person’s condition affects them, not the condition they have.

Rebalancing universal credit: Making it work for disabled people

11 September 2014

This report focuses on support for disabled people under universal credit. Whilst we support the principles of universal credit, our analysis shows two important types of problems that will particularly affect disabled people; one relating to work incentives, the other concerning out of work support

Pop goes the payslip

02 April 2014

At a time when living standards are stagnating, housing costs are rising and the jobs market is unpredictable the tax and benefits system must provide certainty and stability. Universal credit was designed to do this.The Government’s promise to make people better off for each hour they work is in danger of being broken.