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Charitable trusts and foundations

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To discuss funding partnerships or access to our client evidence email our Trusts Fundraiser

We believe that we achieve most effectively for our clients when we work closely with partners who share our aims and can support us either financially, or in other practical ways with aspects of our delivery.

While it is our aim to help people everywhere, our work tends to be most needed in deprived and vulnerable communities. Many of our clients are facing multiple issues in their lives and need our holistic service and flexible delivery patterns to get the level of support they need to regain control of their lives.

We don’t just aim to solve people’s problems, but to stay alongside them, equipping them to move on through additional education or training into appropriate volunteering and employment opportunities.

We know that many trusts and foundations, like us, aspire to make a difference to the lives of particular groups of people and are really working towards equality and integration, we can achieve our shared aims best by working together.

As well as achieving mutual goals, partners can also benefit from access to the evidence we collect from our two million clients each year.

Recent partnerships

Employment practice

Trust for London has supported Citizens Advice in a two year project that has developed innovative ways to engage with employers who fail to observe regulation or good practice in their relationships with employees. This London-based pilot will benefit exploited and disadvantaged workers across the UK through the dissemination of learning and resources developed in the pilot.

Equality and diversity

Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities have been under-represented in bureau management roles. With a grant from Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Waleswe developed 'Aspiring Managers', a training course designed to increase the confidence of BAME staff to consider themselves for management roles.

Lloyds TSB Foundation has also assisted focused, local developments in many bureaux across the Citizens Advice service, breaking down the barriers which many people face in accessing the advice they need, including profoundly deaf people using British Sign Language.

Campaigning capacity

Influencing policy makers to prevent problems occurring is as important to us as the provision of advice to solve them. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation helped us enhance the campaigning capacity of six Citizens Advice Bureaux in the south west by skilling up their trustee boards and creating a resource, that was also disseminated nationally, to aid the recruitment of social policy volunteers.

Mutual Development and Learning

The Henry Smith Foundation is working with Citizens Advice to explore ways in which they can more effectively partner bureaux in work with clients who are facing significant debts, to resolve their current problems and avoid future difficulties.