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How can you stop un-addressed junk mail?

This advice applies to England

Receiving mail that you don’t want can be irritating, inconvenient and, in extreme cases, intimidating. Unwanted mail can also cause a great deal of distress.

This page explains steps you can take to make sure you don’t receive mail you don’t want. Junk mail is also called unsolicited mail.

This page only covers mail that is un-addressed. For more information on how to stop unwanted mail that is addressed to you, see How can you stop unwanted mail that is addressed to you?

Opt out of Royal Mail Door to Door

The Royal Mail Door to Door service delivers unaddressed mail, usually marketing material such as leaflets or brochures, on behalf of companies and organisations.

You can reduce the amount of 'unaddressed’ mail you receive by registering with the Royal Mail's door to door opt-out service. However, this will not stop mail addressed to 'the occupier'.

Door to Door Opt Outs

Kingsmead House
Oxpens Road

Tel: 08457 950 950

Register with the ‘Your Choice’ scheme

The Your Choice Preference Scheme for Unaddressed Mail helps householders reduce unaddressed unwanted mail delivered by members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). To opt out you need to ask the DMA to post you an information pack and opt-out form.

After you return the opt-out form it will take 12 weeks before you stop receiving unwanted mail. The ‘Your Choice’ opt out does not cover unaddressed mail that is not delivered by members of the DMA.

Your Choice Preference Scheme

Direct Marketing Association
DMA House
70 Margaret Street

Tel: 020 7291 3300

Get a letterbox sticker

You can put a ‘no junk mail’ sign on your door to stop unaddressed unwanted mail delivered by local businesses.

The Stop Junk Mail campaign group sells two types of letterbox stickers. If you want to stop leaflets but do want to receive free local newspapers they have a sticker saying ‘No Commercial Leaflets, Yes Free Newspapers’. If you want to stop both leaflets and free papers there is sticker with the text ‘No Commercial Leaflets, No Free Newspapers’.

If you're making a sign for your letterbox, take care over the wording you use. A problem with saying ‘no junk mail’ is that people disagree about what is junk mail and what isn't.

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