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Going to court as a witness

What to expect if you're going to be a witness in a criminal court, including how to get help and support from the Citizens Advice witness service.

You've been told you might have to go to court as a witness

Who will keep you updated if you could be a witness in a criminal court.

You've been sent a witness warning letter or summons

What you need to know so you can prepare for being a witness in court.

Get help and support from the witness service

How the Citizens Advice Witness Service can give you practical and emotional support when you go to court as a witness.

What to do when you've been told the trial date

What arrangements you need to make so you're ready on the day of the trial, and how to find information about court facilities.

What to expect on the day of the trial

What will happen on the day, what the Citizens Advice witness service can do to help, where you can wait, taking the oath, giving evidence, being cross-examined and how to claim expenses.

What happens after the trial

What support is available after the trial, how to find out its outcome and what happens if there's an appeal.

Children and young witnesses

How the court process differs for young people and what extra support is available to them.

Roles in the criminal courts

An introduction to the people you might see in a courtroom if you're involved in a criminal trial.