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Q2: listing your conditions, medications and treatments

This advice applies to England

Question 2a

List all the physical and mental health conditions and disabilities you have and the date they started. 

You don't need to go into any detail about how your conditions affect you - you can add these details in questions 3 to 15.

You don’t need to be too specific about the date if you’re not sure - the year it started will be enough. 


Health condition or disability  Year started 
Agoraphobia  2012
Arthritis 2009

Question 2b

List all the tablets, medications, treatments and therapies you use and any that you're about to start.    

This includes anything you pay for yourself (for example, painkillers) as well as anything you’ve been prescribed.

If you've got a printed prescription list you can attach this to your claim form - write your name and National Insurance number on it. 


You don't have to record the frequency, dosage and reason you take it.  

If you’re not sure whether a tablet, medication, treatment or therapy is relevant, it’s best to include it anyway. 

Side effects from medication

If you have medication to help you with side effects from another medication, you should include it. 

Also, if there’s medication you should take but can’t because of the side effects you have, include it here too.


Mary takes a pain-relieving tablet for arthritis and this tablet makes her feel sick. Her doctor prescribed her a tablet to stop her feeling sick.

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