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Building organisations

This section lists organisations that can assist when you have building work done. Look here for trade associations to help you find a trader or deal with a dispute.

Building guarantee schemes

Building guarantee schemes for new homes, insurance for bad building work or if the builder goes out of business and a payment protection scheme.

Professional organisations in the building industry

Organisations to help you find builders and deal with disputes.

Electrical installer organisations

Electrical installer organisations to help you find contractors and deal with disputes.

Glass and glazing organisation

Glass and Glazing Federation which has a list of their members and can help resolve disputes when a glazier is a member of their organisation.

Home improvement and property ombudsman organisations

Ombudsman to help deal with disputes concerning home improvements and property issues.

Painting and decorating organisations

Organisations to help you find reputable painters and decorators.

Plumbing and heating organisations

Plumbing and heating organisations to help find registered plumbers and heating engineers and to help with complaints against them.

Roofing organisations

Roofing organisations to help with disputes about roofing work.

Surveyors organisations

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to help deal with disputes about surveyors.

Ventilation organisation

National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers to help find out about electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation contractors and if you have a dispute about the quality of work of one of their members.