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The blue badge scheme for disabled people and Penalty Charge Notices

If you're disabled and you have a blue badge, you get special permission to park in some places which are restricted for people without a blue badge.

Read this page for some examples of where you might be able to park if you're a blue badge holder and when you could get a Penalty Charge Notice.

Where can blue badge holders park?

If you're a Blue badge holder, and you don't park in certain areas of central London, you can park:

  • on a  single or double yellow line for a maximum of three hours, unless there is no loading or unloading
  • at parking meters on the street and at pay and display machines for free as long as you want to  
  • in parking bays reserved for blue badge holders – although some councils impose a time-limit
  • on a dotted yellow line for as long as you want to when other drivers are time-limited.

If  you  park in one of these circumstances, you  may still be asked to move your  vehicle by a police officer or traffic warden. If this happens, you must move the vehicle.

If you're unsure about what parking restrictions apply in a certain area,  check before using your badge. You may be penalised for misusing your badge, even if you do so accidentally.

For the special parking permissions to apply, the disabled badge holder must be in the vehicle.

When might you get a Penalty Charge Notice?

You might get a parking ticket:

  • if you park on yellow lines for more than three hours
  • if your badge isn't displayed correctly
  • if you don't intend to leave the vehicle, for example,  while someone else goes shopping
  • if you misuse your badge in some other way or break any other parking rule where you don't get special permission.

If you do receive a Penalty Charge Notice you can appeal. Having a Blue badge is not a reason in itself for appealing against a Penalty Charge Notice. However,  Badge holders who have misunderstood the rules should be treated sympathetically.

Where doesn't the blue badge Scheme operate?

The blue badge scheme doesn’t operate in some areas of central London - in

the City of London, Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and parts of Camden.  These areas have their own special  parking concessions.  If a blue badge holder parks in these areas on a yellow line, you could get a Penalty Charge Notice even if it's for less than three hours.  Check the rules for the borough you are going to or visit the Blue Badge London website.

Parking on private land

If you park on private land, such as supermarket and cinema car parks, your blue badge may not give you any special permission to park.  You will need to check the signs for any rules about whether you can use your badge.

  • More about parking on private land.

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Other useful information

You can get information about where to find parking  bays for blue badge holders in London on the Blue Badge London website at:

The Welsh Government has a leaflet that also covers England, called The Blue badge Scheme – Parking concessions for blind and disabled people at: