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Council Tax Reduction - making an application

Find out who can apply for Council Tax Reduction, how to make an application, what happens if your award doesn't cover the whole council tax bill, or if there's a delay in your payment.

Gostyngiadau’r Dreth Gyngor – ydych chi’n gymwys

Pwy sy'n gymwys i gael Gostyngiad y Dreth Gyngor.


Students and exemption from Council Tax Reduction (CTR).

Who can apply

Who in a couple should apply for Council Tax Reduction (CTR) and who can act on behalf of someone unable to make a claim.

How to apply

Applying in advance or backdating an application for Council Tax Reduction (CTR).

The decision

Notification of a Council Tax Reduction (CTR) decision and what to do if you disagree with it.