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Oil clubs information

Oil Clubs are a great way to save money on fuel costs. They help the environment by cutting down the number of tanker journeys on roads and offer support for people struggling with fuel bills.

Citizens Advice has produced a range of guidance and tips to help communities in setting up and running oil clubs which are also known as oil-syndicates, oil buying groups or oil-cooperatives.

  • Check out our brief animation highlighting the benefits and containing some thoughts on how to set up your own.
  • See the Best Practice for Oil buying Groups guide [ 230 kb], jointly produced by Citizens Advice, ACRE and the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers
  • Tips for Co-ordinators [Word 34 kb] – the key role of co-ordinator keeps oil clubs running. We provide some help with some practical tips on how to promote and run your club. If you are a co-ordinator and have anything to add to our tips then please let us know so we can keep them updated.
  • Map – find out if there is an oil club in your area or register details of your club so we can build up a directory.
  • Case Studies, West Berkshire CAB has talked to the co-ordinators of well-established oil clubs operating in its area. Find out what they say.

Not heard of oil clubs?

Oil clubs are groups of people mainly in rural areas who combine their orders for domestic heating oil. They vary in size, from just a few members to several hundred.

Why join a club?

Oil clubs can use their collective purchasing power to get better deals from oil distribution companies. Member report savings of 10 per cent and over. Combining orders means fewer delivery journeys reducing congestion on roads.

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