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Consumer education resources

We produce consumer education resources on a range of consumer issues. The materials are free to download. The activities are designed for educators/ group leaders to use to raise awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities and for learners to develop the skills and confidence to deal with consumer issues. 

Car hire

Resources for addressing problems when hiring a car identified as being in the short-term car hire market.

Christmas postal services

Material has top tips for Christmas shopping and ensuring your post arrives on time, including information about your rights when shopping online, on the phone and by catalogue (distance selling).

Consumer rights

Awareness week to promote new consumer rights that came into force on 1 October 2015 with the final enactment of the Consumer Rights Act.


Training pack offering different activities for understanding contracts as a consumer of goods and services.

Online Subscriptions

Consumers ​often ​sign ​up ​for ​subscriptions ​unwittingly, ​and can ​face ​problems ​cancelling ​future ​payments. The online subscriptions resource helps to raise awareness of key issues and where to access advice when dealing with subscriptions.

Doorstep crime prevention

Training pack focusing on how to recognise potential doorstep crime and how to get help.

Electrical product safety - be switched on to your rights and product safety

The education resources have been produced to raise awareness of consumer rights and product safety when buying electrical goods.


Training pack focusing on consumer rights and information for prepay customers.

Letting agents

Session introducing the changes the Consumer Rights Act brings to rules about letting agent practices and how tenants can protect themselves against disreputable letting agents.

Mobile phones

The mobile phone toolkit provides activities and information on a range of issues when entering into a mobile phone contract. The consumer leaflet covers consumer rights when dealing with mobile phone repairs.


Activities to raise awareness of scams and to develop the skills and confidence to deal with them.

Secondary ticket sales

Session introducing the changes the Consumer Rights Act brings to rules for secondary ticketing sites (and sales) and how consumers can make an informed purchase.

Smart meters - make energy better

These two education resources are designed for to use to check clients have understood some of the key information around smart meters in the Make Energy Better pack.