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Energy policy research

We represent energy consumers by promoting and protecting the interests of domestic and small non-domestic consumers across Great Britain.

As the statutory consumer body for energy consumers in Great Britain, we commission research, build evidence-based policy positions to embed the needs of energy consumers into decision-making, with specific regard for the needs of vulnerable consumers.

Stuck in the Middle

3 Mawrth 2020

New research from Citizens Advice considers how to improve protections for people using energy third party intermediaries

Zero Sum

23 Ionawr 2020

How to prioritise consumer protections to ensure nobody is left behind on the path to net zero

Clear and in control

19 Rhagfyr 2019

Understanding and managing when, how and why we use energy in our homes could make the future energy market more attractive and easier to navigate.

Closing the protection gap

25 Hydref 2019

New research from Citizens Advice highlights the lack of protections for microbusinesses in the energy market, and provides potential solutions.

Citizens Advice hosts its first energy hack day

17 Hydref 2019

Citizens Advice hosted its first energy hack day in September. With 45 people from 25 energy suppliers, we tackled the challenge of writing to customers about debt and complaints. Read more in our blog.

Keeping warm: the future of heat

11 Gorffennaf 2019

Keeping warm sets out clear steps the government needs to take to ensure people are protected in the move to low-carbon heat.

Core Network Access - Core Capacity

28 Mehefin 2019

We commissioned CAG Consultants, in association with Dr Timur Yusunov and Professor Jacopo Torriti to carry out some foundational research in to Core Capacity. This research informs Ofgem’s Access and Forward Looking Charges Significant Code Review.

Picking up the pieces

20 Mehefin 2019

A review of the consumer impact of recent energy supplier failures

Independent energy networks: what are they and what do we know about them?

18 Mehefin 2019

Independent energy networks can compete with the main distribution networks to build new connections and manage new electricity and gas networks within the geographical areas covered by the distribution networks. Their numbers are increasing, but competition in the area has not necessarily lowered prices for many domestic energy customers, and there is limited evidence on how they perform on customer service. We would like Ofgem to do more to assess how well competition is working in the area, and we would also like to see Independent networks explore how they can improve their engagement with domestic and small business customers and do more to increase their level of transparency and reporting on how they deliver for their customers.