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Under-reporting a major issue for tackling domestic abuse

5 Mawrth 2014

As the Violence Against Women report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), revealed that around one in two women in Britain has been physically or sexually assaulted, Citizens Advice says that its research suggests there could be as many as half a million people who have not reported abuse.

Real competition needed after a decade of energy price rises

3 Mawrth 2014

Citizens Advice calls for an end to households bearing the brunt of rising energy prices, as new figures show that the average household energy spend has risen by 55% since 2002, despite families using 17% less energy than they were in 2002.

Young people are among hardest hit by sanctions

2 Mawrth 2014

Citizens Advice has warned that 'support into work is simply not working for many young adults' as new research from the YMCA shows that young people are being hit hard by the Government's tough new sanctions regime.

Lack of progress on child poverty is “unacceptable"

27 Chwefror 2014

As the Government launches the consultation on its new Child Poverty Strategy, Citizens Advice criticises four years of talks about a new measure instead of action to help struggling families.

New system of disability support “clearly not yet fit for purpose”

27 Chwefror 2014

The Chief Executive of national charity, Citizens Advice has said that the new system of support for people with disabilities is “clearly not yet fit for purpose” as a new report from the National Audit Office shows that 92,000 people are yet to be assessed for support as part of the new Personal Independence Payment.

Young people "frozen out of economy"

19 Chwefror 2014

Young adults are being hit hardest by the Government sanctions regime, according to new analysis by national charity Citizens Advice.  An examination of Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) figures published today shows that whilst 27 per cent of all JSA recipients are aged 18-24, young people comprise 40 per cent of those hit by sanctions.