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Broad and unclear under-occupancy legislation unfairly impacts disabled people

27 Medi 2013

The Chief Executive of national charity Citizens Advice welcomes the appeal made by Surinder Lall against the under-occupancy penalty which unfairly impacts sick and disabled people.

Gillian Guy said:

“For some sick and disabled people a genuinely ‘spare’ room is a luxury they have never had. There are those for whom space to store necessary equipment for everyday life is a real necessity but who are still being penalised by this policy. Ministers have an ongoing responsibility to make sure that disabled people’s housing is fit for their needs.

“Surinder Lall’s successful appeal is a clear case of how the broad and unclear under-occupancy legislation has been wrongly applied. Whilst we wait for more to be done to really help people suffering from years of poor housing policy, we hope that this ruling gives others who have been unfairly hit by this policy the opportunity to get legal redress.

“We still have a chronic shortage of affordable housing in the UK with 1.8 million households on housing waiting lists. Instead of enforcing this policy the Government should focus on building more houses and tackling the root cause of why people are being forced into rent arrears.”

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