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Long commutes to the Jobcentre would have significant barriers

11 Medi 2013

Citizens Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy has warned that there would be significant barriers for many unemployed people to commute for up to 90 minutes to sign on at the Jobcentre.

In her response to proposals drawn up by the Policy Exchange think-tank, Gillian Guy said:

“Improving access to jobs is vital for individuals who are looking for work as well as for the UK's economic recovery. In some circumstances it may be reasonable to ask people who are capable of doing so to travel to a Jobcentre but in many cases this simply won't be possible because of sky-high rail prices, poor public transport or high petrol costs. People in rural areas may find it especially hard to travel further afield. The changes in Employment Support Allowance also mean that more JSA claimants will now have significant health and mobility issues that need to be taken into account.

“Despite positive news about unemployment levels today the jobs market is extremely tough. Ministers must do all they can to remove barriers which make it harder for people to get into employment.”

Notes to editors:

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