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Advice trends 2014 to 2015

Advice trends is aimed at national government departments, regional agencies; third sector organisations concerned with advice or social policy, and social policy researchers.

It focuses on advice provided by local Citizens Advice with a commentary and charts, and it also summarises statistics for the Citizens Advice consumer service and usage of our public advice content. There is a version for England and Wales, and an Advice trends for Wales alone.

Appendix three summarises our top level advice statistics of advice provided by local Citizens Advice for those who want a top-level summary (table one), and it also provides a quarterly time series of local advice statistics, broken down into 200 different sub-categories (table two), for those people interested in the details of numbers and trends in particular areas.

England and Wales

Q4 2014-15 (January to March 2015)

Q3 2014-15 (October to December 2014)

Q2 2014-15 (July to September 2014)

Q1 2014-15 (April to June 2014)