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Energy policy research

We represent energy consumers by promoting and protecting the interests of domestic and small non-domestic consumers across Great Britain.

As the statutory consumer body for energy consumers in Great Britain, we commission research, build evidence-based policy positions to embed the needs of energy consumers into decision-making, with specific regard for the needs of vulnerable consumers.

Citizens Advice Consumer Work Plan 2021/22

13 Gorffennaf 2021

This work plan describes how Citizens Advice will discharge our role as the statutory advocate for consumers of energy and postal services in 2021/22.

Rough trade? Balancing the winners and losers in energy policy

24 Mehefin 2021

We all want the same things from energy suppliers: good quality, value for money services that meet our needs. But energy markets and policies don’t serve everyone well, resulting in better outcomes for some than others. This is a problem if some people are left behind - particularly if their circumstances mean they’re vulnerable to harm. This paper explores the key characteristics that result in some consumers getting a better deal than others, and whether policy reforms could deliver better outcomes.