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Help with health costs

Most NHS treatment is free but there are a number of things for which there may be charges. Find out what services you might be charged for and whether you might be eligible for help with these costs.

You can also learn whether you need to pay for healthcare if you come from abroad.

Help with health costs in Wales

Explains who can get free prescriptions in Wales and gives links to an NHS Wales website for details of help available with glasses and sight tests, dental treatment, travel costs.

Taliadau’r GIG a gwerthoedd talebau llygaid ar gyfer pobl yng Nghymru

Link to leaflet from the Department of Health giving charges for prescriptions, sight tests, dental treatment, wigs and fabric supports, the value of vouchers available for glasses and contact lenses and penalties for claiming concessions to which you are not entitled.

Taliadau’r GIG i bobol o dramor

Information on charges for NHS treatment for people from abroad including who is entitled to receive free NHS treatment and which treatment is always free.