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Financial help for students aged 16-19

If you're aged 16-19 and at school or college, you may be able to get help to pay for costs related to your education.

The help you might be able to get, includes:

  • a bursary (see below)
  • help with childcare costs
  • dance and drama awards
  • help with transport costs
  • help if you're studying away from home.


Schools, colleges and training providers have funds to award bursaries to people aged 16-19 who need help with their education-related costs.

You can get a bursary of £1,200 a year if you're:

  • in care
  • a care leaver
  • getting Income Support or Universal Credit in your own name
  • getting Employment and Support Allowance as well as Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment.

If you are not in one of these groups you can still apply for a bursary from your school, college or training provider, but any award will be made at their discretion. They will also decide what conditions you have to meet to get a bursary, for example, linked to behaviour or attendance.

You can find out more about the help you might get and how to apply for it at:

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