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Get help with your debts

This advice applies to England

Being in debt can be stressful and it can be difficult to know what to do first - especially if you’re constantly getting letters and calls from the companies you owe money to.

You might be thinking about taking out a loan to pay back money you owe, but this can make the problem worse when there might be a better solution for you.

There’s no debt problem that’s unsolvable.

Becoming debt-free, however long it takes, can improve your credit rating and mean you can think about longer term plans.

This 5-step process will help you find a way to deal with your debt that suits your own situation.

Complete each of the steps in order to see:

  • what you should do first

  • what you can deal with yourself

  • what you might need specialist help with - and show you where to get this help

Contact your nearest Citizens Advice immediately if:

  • you've received court papers

  • you're about to be evicted

  • you're expecting bailiffs 

Step 1 - Gather information for each debt

Step 2 - Check which ones are 'priority' debts

Step 3 - Work out what you can afford to pay

Step 4 - Negotiate with your creditors for priority debts

Step 5 - Negotiate with your creditors for non-priority debts

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