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Ways to save

These pages tell you about the different ways you can save and invest money and help you choose which might be the right one for you.

Bank and building society savings accounts

Information on choosing a bank or building society account, interest, postal-, telephone- and internet banking and sources of further help. Also describes types of account including easy access accounts, notice accounts, regular savings accounts and monthly income accounts.

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)

Information about individual savings accounts (ISAs), which are exempt from tax. Explains cash ISAs and investment ISAs, who can open an ISA, how much can be paid in, tax allowances and capital gains tax.

Saving with a credit union

Information on who can save with a credit union, the advantages of saving with a credit union and different types of saving account offered by credit unions.

Investing in the stockmarket

Information on investing in the stock market, including what stocks and shares are, ways to invest, costs, tax and things to think about before deciding to invest

Savings bonds

Information about savings bonds including fixed-rate bonds, monthly income bonds, guaranteed equity bonds and premium bonds.