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Young people – money advice videos

If you're struggling to manage money and debt problems, you can get help from Citizens Advice.

These four short films, have been produced by the Citizens Advice Youth Forum to show how Citizens Advice can help young people with money problems.

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Scooby's story

Scooby's story tells how he got a £1 overdraft which built up charges of around £600 because he ignored the letters.

Adila's story

Adila's story tells the story of a shopaholic who has not been able to control her spending and has ‘maxed out’ her credit cards, overdraft and student loan.

Top tips on managing your money

This film gives top tips from young people on managing money.

The right place to go

The right place to go gives an overview of how Citizens Advice service can help young people to deal with the problems they face no matter how big or small.

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