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Problems with your heating oil supplier

This page contains advice on what to do if you have a problem with your heating oil supplier.

Suppliers of heating oil are not regulated in the same way as gas and electricity suppliers are. However, you still have legal rights as a consumer.

Problems with your oil delivery

If you heat your home using oil that is delivered by tanker, you might have problems when it is delivered. For example, the supplier might try to change the price from the one they originally quoted, deliver the wrong amount of oil, or deliver to the wrong property.

Preventing problems with your oil supplier

To reduce the risk of having problems with your oil supplier, make sure you always get written confirmation of any orders you make. This should include prices, delivery timescales and any other conditions of the order.

If you place your order over the phone or internet, this is classed as distance selling, and the supplier must give you certain pieces of additional information. This includes information about your rights to cancel the contract and any after-sales service provided by the supplier.

You should also ensure that the oil supplier has written confirmation of where your tank is sited and how to get into it.

  • For more information about the information you are entitled to have when buying goods via distance selling, see Distance selling – your rights to information.

If you’re having trouble paying for your oil

Suppliers of heating oil are not regulated in the same way as gas and electricity suppliers. This means they are not obliged to treat you in a certain way if you are having trouble paying for your oil. For example, they are not obliged to continue delivering oil to you if you don’t pay your bills. However, there are still steps you can take if you are struggling to pay for your heating oil.

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