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You’ve been charged more than the face value for stamps

This advice applies to England

You can buy stamps from lots of different traders, not just from a post office. Any shop which sells stamps officially has to follow certain rules, which includes selling them at or below the face value of the stamp. They can’t charge more than the face value.

This page explains the rules on what traders can charge for stamps and what you should do if you’ve been charged too much.

What are the rules for traders who sell stamps?

Any trader who sells stamps officially must be approved by the Royal Mail and has to follow a set of rules. Traders buy stamps from the Royal Mail at a discounted rate, then sell on for a profit. One of the rules is that stamps must be sold on to consumers at or below their face value. A trader cannot sell stamps for more than this face value.

If an approved trader is found selling stamps for more than their face value, Royal Mail will contact the trader to remind them of the rules. If the trader continues to charge more, Royal Mail can refuse to sell stamps to the trader at the discounted rate and stop them from being an approved trader. The trader can then only buy stamps at the full price.

What should you do if a trader has charged you too much for stamps?

If you find an approved trader has charged you more than the face value for stamps, you should report them to Royal Mail. There are thousands of approved traders and Post Offices who all sell stamps at the correct price, so it’s best to buy from them. You can refuse to buy stamps that are sold anywhere for more than their face value.

Next steps

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Report a trader selling stamps for more than face value to:

Royal Mail
Tallents House
21 South Gyle Crescent
EH12 9PB

Tel: 08457 640640

Please note that this is not the usual customer services contact details and should only be used for queries about traders selling Royal Mail products such as stamps.

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