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Disrepair - what are your options if you are a private rented tenant?

This section highlights what tenants in private rented accommodation need to think about if their landlord doesn't deal with disrepair. It also covers the options open to them if they do decide to take further action.

What are your options if you are a private rented tenant?

The risk of eviction most occupiers in private rented accommodation face if your landlord decides to evict you rather than carry out repairs, and your options if you want to take further action on disrepair.

Applying for a grant or other assistance because of disrepair

Local authority powers and financial help available to private rented tenants and landlords to cover the cost of repairs or improvements.

Offsetting rent arrears because of disrepair

How rent arrears for private rented tenants can be offset against the damages for disrepair if your landlord is taking possession proceedings against you because of rent arrears.

Withholding rent because of disrepair

The procedure that private rented tenants must follow if you decide to use your rent to pay for repairs and the risks of withholding rent when the landlord has not carried out repairs.

Applying as homeless because of disrepair

What the local authority will consider if you make a homelessness application because of disrepair in private rented accommodation.

Moving out because of disrepair

Moving out of private rented accommodation because the landlord has not carried out repairs that you have reported.

Taking court action because of disrepair

Taking court action against your landlord because they have not carried out repairs to your private rented accommodation, the evidence you will need, and what the court has the power to do.