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Messages from the Queen

Who can receive a message from the Queen

The Queen can send a message, in the form of a personalised greetings card, to someone who is a British citizen for:

  • their 100th, 105th birthday and any birthday after 105
  • their 60th, 65th, 70th wedding anniversary and any wedding anniversary after the 70th.

A card can also be sent to a citizen of a country of which the Queen is head of state, providing that the citizen is resident in that country at the time. You can get information about this directly from Buckingham Palace - see below.

The Queen used to send a message to people who had a multiple birth of at least three children, but no longer does so.

How to apply for a message from the Queen

You can apply for message for yourself or for someone else.

For birthdays, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) arranges for a message to be sent to anyone of the appropriate age who is receiving State Retirement Pension, Pension Credit or Income Support. An officer from the local benefits office will visit to confirm the person’s age and will then pass the information to Buckingham Palace, if the person whose birthday it is has no objection. Alternatively, you can get an application form from Buckingham Palace - see below.

For wedding anniversaries, you can get an application form from Buckingham Palace - see below.

You can get an application form for either a wedding anniversary or a birthday by writing to or telephoning:

The Anniversaries Office
Buckingham Palace
Tel: 020 7930 4832

You can also get an application form for a birthday from the Queen's official website at: or for a wedding anniversary at:

You should return the application form no sooner than three weeks before the celebration date.

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