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Rhondda Taff CAB email advice service

Welcome to the Rhondda Taff CAB email advice service. If you live in the Rhondda Taff area, you can use our online form to get help on a wide range of issues. The information that you send will be kept as part of a confidential record of your enquiry and we will use the details to decide how best to help you.

IMPORTANT: We can only provide help to those people who live in our area. If you live somewhere else, you can search online for your local CAB.

We aim to send you a reply within 3 working days after getting your request. If you have not heard from us by then, please contact us on the following number:

Email advice helpline: 01443 409284

Email security

For most people, the security risks of using the internet and email are minimal. It is very unlikely that your email will be stopped or seen by someone else before it reaches us. However, please think carefully about the extra details that you give us. Our service does not have the facility for you to send attachments such as letters or contracts.

If you are concerned about other people having access to your email account at home or at work, you may wish to set up your own personal web-based email account.

Confidentiality and privacy

We keep all your details confidential and do not pass them on to anyone else without your permission. The rules of the Data Protection Act 1998 mean that we need your agreement to store your personal details.

IMPORTANT: If you use our email advice service, this means that you agree to Rhondda Taff CAB storing the information you give us on our records system.

If you contact us again, let us know that you have contacted us before so that we can look up the details that we have already recorded for you.

Feedback on our email advice service

We welcome feedback as this helps us to improve our services and gives us the opportunity to put things right. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our email advice service, please let us know.

If you want to make a complaint, please see our section on making a complaint.

We treat all complaints seriously and we deal with them promptly and keep them confidential. We do keep a record of complaints; however, these records are completely separate from our advice records.

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