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Changes that affect your PIP

This advice applies to Northern Ireland

You need to tell the Department for Communities (DfC) as soon as possible if your condition changes because this can affect your Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Examples of things that may change how your condition affects you include:

  • your condition gets better or worse
  • the level of help you need changes
  • you go into hospital or a care home for more than 28 days

Examples of a change of circumstances you must report include:

  • you go abroad for more than 13 weeks
  • you change your name, address or bank account details for payment

  • you go into or leave prison or legal custody

There are lots of changes that can affect your PIP and these are just some examples.

If you’re not sure if a change affects your PIP, it’s best to tell the DfC anyway. Not telling them could mean you’re missing out on extra money or being paid money you’ll have to pay back.

When you report a change in cicumstances they can look at your whole award and they can put it down as well as up.  If you want more information, contact your local Citizens Advice

The DfC might want to look at your PIP claim again. Before you tell the DfC, you should contact your nearest Citizens Advice for help getting all the benefit you're entitled to.

Changes you don't have to report

You don't have to report the following changes because they don't affect whether you can get PIP or how much you get:

  • being in work, returning to work or leaving work

  • changes in your earnings or other income

  • if someone joins or leaves your household

How to contact the DfC to report a change

Report a change as soon as possible. You can call or write to the DfC to tell them about the change, but you must write to them if you’ve changed your name. Once the change is reported, they will write and let you know how it affects your PIP.

You’ll need to include these details when you report a change:

  • your full name 

  • your date of birth 

  • your national insurance number 

  • the date the change happened or will happen 

  • the thing that has changed 

PIP enquiry line

Someone else can call on your behalf but you need to be with them so that you can give permission for them to speak for you.

Personal Independence Payment enquiry line

Telephone: 0800 587 0932
Textphone: 0800 587 0937
Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
Calls are free from landlines and from mobiles

Address to write to

The contact address to use is on your original decision letter.

Keep a record of the change

It is a good idea to keep a written record of the fact that you’ve reported the change to the DfC, for example, in case they disagree that a change has been reported.

If you report the change by phone, you can ask the DfC to send you a written record of the call. If you write to report the change, keep a copy of the letter.

Further information

You can find more information about PIP on the government website at

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