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About our content

Information about the content of this site and how to use it. How to find out which countries the content applies to and whether it has been translated into other languages.

Using the site

Home - choose the Citizens Advice logo at the top left hand corner of each page to get back to the home page.

Citizens Advice logo on website

Country - This site gives information for the four countries that make up the United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Much of the information applies to all four countries, but some applies to only some of them. You will be asked to choose your country when you first enter the website. To change the country, choose from the dropdown menu below the Citizens Advice logo.

Country extent dropdown

Categories - our website is organised into these main areas:

  • Benefits
  • Work
  • Debt and money
  • Consumer
  • Relationships
  • Housing
  • Law and rights
  • Discrimination
  • Tax
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • More from us

These topics are listed across the screen below the CAB logo.

Main topic menu

Mega menus - if you hover over the name of each category, a box will appear with a list of frequently-used pages and a list of useful tools under Top links There is also a Feature, with a picture, which will highlight an important news story or key piece of information.

Mega menu

Advice fact sheets - you will find most of our information within the web pages, but there are also advice fact sheets which are made specially to be printed off. These are in PDF format. You can find fact sheets from the list of site resources in the footer at the bottom of each page and there is a quick link to them from the mega menu in some categories.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) - you may be able to find a quick answer to your problem by looking at the frequently asked questions. These cover situations that crop up often and how to deal with them.

Sample letters - you will find a number of template letters which you can use to help solve your problems. You cannot change the basic text of the letters, but there is space to fill in your name and address details and information about your problem. You can find Sample letters from relevant information pages.

Translated information - Some of our information has been translated into other languages. 

Breadcrumb trail - as you move around this site, a row of links will appear across the page below the row of categories. These show where the page sits within the site. You can choose any of these links to go to other sections or pages in the site.

Breadcrumb trail