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Using the Witness Service - our privacy policy

When you contact us, we collect personal information about you so we can support you.
We get your information either through:

  • an online form on the Citizens Advice website
  • other organisations - if they pass us your details
  • talking with you about the case - over the phone or face to face

If you call the Citizens Advice Witness Service contact centre, we'll record the conversation for training and monitoring purposes.

If you're under 16, we'll talk to your parent, guardian or carer about your case - unless they give us permission to talk to you directly.

What information we ask for

We only record information that helps us support you when giving evidence, and giving evidence as a witness. This includes your name, contact details and how you think we can support you. We also record details about your support needs, such as information about your health - we'll ask for your permission to record this information.

We'll ask for demographic information like your gender, disability and sexual orientation. You don't have to tell us this information if you don't want to.

How we use your information

We mainly use the information you give us to support you as a victim or witness.

We only access your information for other reasons if we really need to - for example:

  • for training and quality purposes
  • to investigate complaints
  • to get feedback from you about our services
  • to help us improve our services

Understanding people's experiences

We use some information to create statistics about who we're helping and their experience of being a victim or witness. This information is always anonymised - you can't be identified.

We share these with funders, regulators, government departments and publicly on our blogs, reports, social media and press releases.

The statistics also inform our policy research, campaigns, or media work.

When we share your data with other organisations

We share some of your information with Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS), the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), G4S security staff, or defence solicitors to help support you in your role as a witness. For example, we might share your name with HMCTS so you can access the court building.

Sometimes we might do this without your permission, but only so we can carry out our role in supporting you as a witness. The legal basis for this is called 'public task'.

In other situations, we'll ask for your permission - for example, if we need to share your religion with ushers in court so you can say the right oath.

If you want us to refer you to another support organisation, we might share your information with them so they can help you. We'll always get your permission before doing this.

If something you've told us makes us think you or someone you know might be at serious risk of harm, we could tell the police or social services - for example if we think you might hurt yourself or someone else. We'll usually talk to you before we do this, unless it could cause more harm.

Organisations we share your data with must store and use it in line with data protection law - they mustn't pass it on or sell it without your permission.

Where we store your information and for how long

Your information is stored securely on our internal systems. We keep it for 6 months after the trial has concluded or the support has ended - whichever is the latest. The record of your information is then anonymised.

Our case management systems are hosted within the European Economic Area (EEA) and wherever possible, the UK.

Your information might also be stored in other ways, depending on how we communicate with you.

If you contact us by webchat

Copies of your webchat conversation are stored securely in an online system, then deleted after 3 months.

The online system is run by our trusted partner, Agilisys. Agilisys keep anonymised statistics on webchat data in an archive so they can track webchat usage and performance. This data doesn't contain your personal information.

Agilisys store their data securely within the European Economic Area (EEA) in line with data protection law.

If you use email

Emails between you and Witness Service staff are stored securely within our office email system. Emails are kept on the system for 6 months after the trial has finished and then deleted.

Emails between Witness Service staff and our criminal justice partners, like HMCTS or the Crown Prosecution Service, are stored securely in the Criminal Justice Secure Mail system. This is hosted by the UK Government within the European Economic Area (EEA) in line with data protection law. Emails are kept on the system for 6 months and then deleted.

If we speak to you by phone

If the Witness Service contact centre contacts you by phone, calls are recorded and stored securely by our trusted partner, KCOM. Recordings are kept for 6 months and then deleted.

KCOM store their data securely within the European Economic Area (EEA) in line with data protection law.

Contact us about your information

You can contact us at any time and ask us:

  • what information we've stored about you
  • to change or update your details
  • to delete your information

Send us a message at

If you want to make a complaint

If you're not happy with how we've handled your data, you can make a complaint through our website.