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Blue badge scheme for disabled people and parking tickets

The blue badge scheme gives some disabled people permission to park where non blue badge holders can’t.

This page explains parking issues for blue badge holders and when they might receive a parking ticket.

Blue badge holders and parking

Blue badge holders can park on single or double yellow lines for as long as they need to, unless there is a ban on loading and unloading. Badge holders can also park at parking meters on the street and at pay and display machines for free as long as they want to and in on-street disabled parking bays (the sign will have a blue wheelchair symbol).

If the disabled person who has the badge isn’t in the car, you can’t get these extra permissions to park.

If you park where there is a ban on loading and unloading during the prohibited times, or in other restricted areas, such as a local permit holder bay and you don’t have a permit, you can still get a parking ticket.

If the blue badge isn’t displayed correctly, you could also receive a parking ticket. Make sure the badge is facing upwards, so that the details on the front can be clearly seen. It should be clearly placed on the dashboard.

The blue badge scheme does not apply on private roads, private car parks, in off street car parks and in some airports. There may be some parking spaces for disabled people in these areas and they will either be subject to the conditions imposed by the parking operator or be designated by law, with signs and markings that make this clear. If the parking space is designated by law and it is used by a non-blue badge holder, this is a parking offence. It will be enforced in the same way as on-street parking, by the police or by the local authority. There is more information about enforcement in Parking tickets issued by the police and Parking tickets issued by the local authority.

If you do receive a parking ticket you can appeal in the usual way. Badge holders who have misunderstood the regulations should be treated sympathetically.

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