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Council Tax Reduction - making an application

Find out who can apply for Council Tax Reduction, how to make an application, when to apply or what happens if there's a delay in your payment.

You can also find out what happens if you made a claim for Council Tax Benefit before 1 April 2013 and your claim hasn't been decided yet.

Are you eligible

Rules about who can apply for Council Tax Reduction including requirement to occupy a property, liability for council tax, capital limits, residence rules, bands E-H relief, and information about second adult rebate.


Students and exemption from Council Tax Reduction.

Who can apply

Who in a couple should apply for Council Tax Reduction and who can act on behalf of someone unable to make a claim.

When to apply

Applying in advance for Council Tax Reduction.

The decision

Notification of a Council Tax Reduction decision and what to do if you disagree with it.

Council Tax Reduction - how to apply

How, where and what evidence you need to apply for a Council Tax Reduction.

Bands E-H relief Council Tax Reduction

A guide to bands E-H relief Council Tax Reduction, available for properties in council tax bands E-H from 1 April 2017.